10 Best Biolink Tool For Promotion on Instagram

10 Best Biolink Tool For Promotion on Instagram

For online businesses via Instagram, biolink is one feature that makes marketing and content creators dizzy.

Instagram only allows to create 1 link in your Instagram bio.

If you have a lot of promotional links, of course this is a hassle, isn’t it?

But now there’s no need for that anymore.

With the help of the BioLink tool, you can optimize one link in the Instagram Bio into many links.

Monday change the link for Shope…. Tuesday change again to BukaLapak….etc

You can also see the number of clicks, how many visitors, how many sales occurred.

Great right…..

In this article, we will discuss 10 cool BioLink Tools that you can use to maximize your online business.

But first, let’s talk about why your business needs to optimize your bio link.

Why Are Instagram Bio Links Important? Why Should It Be Optimized?

The bio link on Instagram is a link that your followers can click, this link can be directed to an online store, blog, marketplace or wherever you want.

But you don’t have to worry anymore by using the biolink tool. These tools help you link to more content and pages.

However, each tool works differently.

To help you decide which one is right for you, consider the following:

  • What kind of promotion will you run? Are you promoting products, links to your web content, campaigns or landing pages?
  • If promoting a product, how long will the promotion last? What kind of promotional content will you post? How many products do you need to promote?
  • Are the links meant to increase your engagement or website traffic?
  • How big is your promotion budget?

These questions will help you choose the best tool for your business.

Here are some of the best biolink tools to choose from:

1. Feedlink

Feedlink by EmbedSocial serves as a landing page that can be used on web browsers and smartphones, serves to collect clickable Instagram feeds in one place.

This tool allows you to tag each photo in your feed with a unique link to maximize the potential of your Instagram account as a source of product sales and distribution.

Here are the features of FeedLink:

  • Landing Page optimized for smartphones, works well on all devices.
  • Fast loading Instagram bio link page thanks to the AMP version
  • Landing page that sells, directs your followers to a product page where they can buy the product
  • Reusable links on other social media networks
  • Option to change feed page without changing link in bio again
  • Increase traffic, conversions and revenue using your Instagram profile

Feed Link has a free plan as part of the EmbedAlbum platform.

Free forever to use photos from one source.

Plans with additional features offer prices ranging from $19 to $99 per month depending on the additional features.

2. Linktree

Linktree helps optimize your landing page by creating lots of links to sites you want your followers to visit.

It can be your social media site, blog, online store, and more.

This tool also allows you to share links on other social sites, including Facebook and Twitch.

The paid version is $6 per month, you can use your own logo instead of the Linktree logo.

This is what you get on the premium plan:

  • Add unlimited links
  • Get your link visitor traffic statistics
  • Customize button color, font and style
  • Save your email registrations directly to Mailchimp or Google Sheets
  • Retarget visitors on Facebook and Instagram using the Facebook Pixel
  • Easily link to all your social sites and platforms using icons
  • Schedule link with scheduled posts
  • Priority support access

3. Shorty

Shorty has the feature of adding multiple links that can help send your followers to sites, blogs, social networks, online stores, affiliate links, and more.

This tool allows you to:

  • Customize your page by adding videos, backgrounds, animated avatars and icons
  • Add lots of interesting links, text blocks, GIFs and titles.
  • Swap, add or change links as often as you want
  • Access statistics to help you track visitor traffic
  • Crosslinks to other social profiles, increasing engagement across channels
  • Retarget visitors on third-party sites such as Clickbank or Amazon. This app allows you to retarget those who click on custom links with ads to increase sales.

Shorty offers a 5-day free trial with no credit card required.

Premium plans cost from $9 per month to $99 per month, depending on the features you want.

4. Sked Link

Sked Link lets you link followers to your blog posts, email signups, sites, products, and more.

This tool offers Basic, Pro, or Enterprise plans. Some of the Basic and Pro features have the following features:

  • Customize or choose from existing themes
  • Integrate with Facebook Pixel and Google analytics
  • Include UTM parameters
  • Change link
  • Access link analytics

Premium plan customers can use their own domain name for Sked Link service.

5. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio allows you to create a landing page with all your links.

You can add as many links as you want and add images on the free plan.

For the paid version, you get:

  • Custom URL
  • Statistical and analytical links
  • Email support
  • Unlimited links

Their highest paid version at $24.99/lifetime allows you to remove the Lnk.Bio logo and footer.

6. Link in Profile

Link in Profile is a little different from links from other bio tools in that it allows you to add a link to an Instagram image.

Your followers can then use these links to drive traffic to your site.

It pulls content from your social media feeds and takes users to linked content using specific photos.

Link in Profile costs $9.99 with a risk-free 30-day free trial. Some of its features include:

  • Special landing page
  • Easy-to-use control page
  • Landing page with your own brand, you can have your Instagram name and profile picture
  • Statistics and analytics

7. Milkshake App

The Milkshake app lets you create an Insta site (simple website) on your device.

Your link in your bio becomes an Insta site where your followers can connect and bid on your sales.

Designed for the mobile Instagram browser, this app lets your followers browse content, the same way they view Instagram Stories.

Once they click the Milkshake link in your bio, your followers can see all of your content and products.

With the Milkshake app you can:

  • Share your Insta website to your Instagram Story
  • Customize cards (pages on your Insta site) and themes depending on your needs
  • Access analytics and statistics
  • Invite followers to email you using the link. When they click on the Email link, they can write you a message
  • Invite followers to call or message you using the link
  • Add a Buy button that directs the customer to the purchase page on PayPal. You can do this for individual products or services.

8. Campsite

Campsite has lots of premium features to help you troubleshoot a single link in Instagram bio.

With this tool you can:

  • Add unlimited links
  • Change the title and add a short introduction
  • Customize fonts and colors on the landing page
  • Access analytics
  • Add social accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more
  • Archive and restore links
  • Schedule when the link should go live or stop showing
  • Switch easily between multiple Campsite accounts
  • Integrate with Google Sheets or Mailchimp
  • Retarget visitors with Google AdWords or Facebook Pixel

Campsite has a free plan, but you can get more features with their Pro plan for $7 per month.

9. ContactInBio

ContactInBio helps you connect followers with links and other content.

This includes text, contact forms, images, videos, and more.

You can customize the username and with the link in the bio, allowing customers to contact you easily.

With the free plan, you get access to:

  • Easy interface with drag-and-drop editor
  • Option to add Contact Form and social media buttons
  • Custom profile URLs and ability to customize links, text and colors
  • Many themes
  • Link analytics
  • Ability to link multiple accounts and switch accounts in one click

Paid plans are available at $7 per month for businesses and $28 per month for agencies.

With a paid plan, you get additional features such as:

  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Facebook Pixel Integration
  • Email registration and collection
  • Video and image upload
  • Own brand on tool

10. Tap Bio

Tap Bio helps you personalize and brand a mini site that has all the links you want to share on your Instagram account.

Tap Bio has an easy-to-use interface, where you can create landing pages designed for followers who use smartphones.

The link in this bio tool uses a card that becomes an extension of your landing page.

Each card can have a different function where you highlight multiple links without losing the call to action capability.

Call to action views increase the likelihood of your followers clicking on the link.

For an introduction, Tap Bio has a free plan and allows you to access a single profile and card to add a unique link.

Their Silver plan is $5 per month with 3 additional cards.

You get 4 cards for sharing 4 links.

You can also access analytics to your links.

If you have more than 4 links, sign up for the Gold plan for $12 per month.

You can access unlimited number of cards, stats and use 3 different IG accounts. You can also delete their “Friends of Tap Bio Card”.


If you want your Instagram bio to have more than one link, then one of the tools above can be your solution.

You can use it to create audience-friendly marketing promotions on Instagram.

The tools you choose will help you achieve your promotional goals on your Instagram easily.

Try one of these tools will help you get out of the limit of one link in bio on Instagram.

You can direct your followers to where you want easily.

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