11+ Different Writing Professions and How They Make Money

11+ Different Writing Professions and How They Make Money

The writing profession is one of several types of work that a person does either as a main or a side job.

If the profession is carried out as the main job, the income or salary is called active.

Meanwhile, if the profession is carried out as a side or there is a main job, then the income is called passive.

So, does the writing profession as a side only exist? Can they make money from it? If possible, how?

I myself actually fall into the second category, namely passive writers, aka doing writing activities as a sideline.

Is there any income? Of course there is. The nominal is enough to extend the hosting and domain of this blog.

If you are curious about my experience of making money from writing as a sideline, I have discussed here and here.

In fact, writing is a profession whose role is broader than one might imagine. Not only spawn works, but generate knowledge.

And each profession has different goals, including the target audience as well as the media used.

For example, journalists and bloggers who have different audiences even though their activities are the same, namely writing.

Likewise with the media used. Bloggers use blogging platforms like WordPress while Journalists use Magazines, Newspapers or online or online media.

For those of you who want to know the various professions of writers and how they make money, see the article below until the end.

11+ Different Writing Professions and How They Make Money

Without further ado, here are 13+ different writers’ professions and how they make money.

1. Blogger

Currently, blogging is one of the activities commonly carried out by the public even though it is not considered as part of the writing profession in general.

There are also many kinds of blogging resources that you can choose based on your wishes, including:

  • Blogger which is Google’s blogging platform and can be used for free
  • WordPress which consists of self-hosted [paid] and direct host [unpaid aka free]
  • Squarespace, WIX and Medium which can be used free or paid
  • Kompasiana, DetikForum, Qureta and so on
  • Other writing media that allow members to make money like Quora and so on

Basically, a blogger will write his expertise on a blog and then share it with the public directly.

For example, a chef who shares recipes on a blog that he manages. Or traders who share tips and tricks on stock technical analysis via blogs.

On the other hand, one of the reasons why this activity is so popular is because everyone has the opportunity to make money from a blog.

As long as the blog he manages does not conflict with the regulations in force in the area, the terms of service on the search engine and also the platform manager.

So, where does the main income of a blogger come from? The biggest income is by monetizing content alias from ads.

One of the most popular advertising platforms is Google AdSense, MGID, Taboola, AdsKeeper and so on.

In addition to advertising, bloggers can also earn income from paid promotions, content placements, affiliates or referrals, url shorteners and so on.

If all of the above methods can be maximized properly, the blogger’s income may be above other writing professions.

The average income of a beginner blogger in Indonesia can reach 1,500,000 thousand rupiah or 1.5 million.

This income will continue to increase as the domain authority and blog page authority increase which in turn has an impact on the blog traffic itself.

2. Book Translator

Have you ever read books written by writers outside Indonesia but the contents are already in Indonesian? I’m sure I have.

I myself have read one of the books by the legendary Russian novelist, Maxim Gorki, which was translated by Pramodya Ananta Toer.

Actually, this is also one of the professions in the world of writing that may be quite rare in society.

It is like a book translator is like a writer as well as an editor for the books he translates and usually has a network with book publishers.

Interestingly, this profession is also paid and received from sales commissions and royalties.

Where, for every book sale, the translator will get what percentage of the total agreement with the copyright owner, original author and book publisher.

For example, a book translator can earn a commission of 5% on book sales.

If the book is successfully sold for 20,000 copies at a price per book of Rp. 50,000 then the income of a translator can reach Rp. 50 million rupiah.

3. Translator Movie Subtitles

Maybe some of you are familiar with the names of film translators such as the Handsome Bee, Pein Akatsuki and so on.

They are translators of indie films, who do this as a hobby. However, they can also earn income from the activities they do.

Where, usually they will open a film translation service and every film that is successfully translated, they get income.

Meanwhile, if the translator has worked with a certain agency, usually their income is not calculated based on the number of films that have been successfully translated.

4. Novelist

This one profession is one of the most luxurious professions in the world of writing.

One of the reasons is that writing a novel is neither easy nor easy. Moreover, if the novel is successfully published by a publisher.

In Indonesia itself, there are several novelists who managed to become millionaires just because of the novels they made.

For example, Dewi Lestari who has the pen name Dee, Andrea Hirata, Pramodya Ananta Toer, Raditya Dika to Ayu Utami.

Then, where is the main source of income for a novelist? Usually from royalties earned from each book sale.

Suppose this way, you managed to write a novel and send it to a publisher. If the publisher is willing to publish the book, then you will have an agreement between you and the publisher.

Where, for every book that is successfully sold, you will get a commission of 15% or more, depending on the publisher’s provisions.

If your book is published as many as 20,000 copies and is priced at 50,000 per piece, then your income is approximately: 150 million rupiah.

A lot right? Moreover, if the novel is popular and continues to be produced, of course the income will continue to grow.

5. Magazine, Newspaper or Online Media Contributor

It’s like being a writer without being bound by any contract with the media, whether it’s online media, magazines or newspapers.

You will also get a fee or honorarium per successfully published article. Usually, according to my own experience, every news I make is paid Rp. 25,000 thousand rupiah.

Although it is quite low, but in my opinion it is enough. Moreover, if the media is only local media.

If you become a news contributor for the national media, maybe the salary you get is quite high.

One of my friends, who is also a journalist and contributor to Liputan6, is paid around 250,000 per article.

Even then, if the news is indeph reporting. For ordinary news, with a length of no more than 500 characters, the fee is around 90 thousand rupiah.

6. Journalists or journalists

Unlike the contributors described above, journalists or journalists are usually bound by contracts with media companies.

The contract is usually signed when he applies for work in the media. Which means, in their activity of looking for news, they are equipped with a press card.

Currently, based on data from the Press Council, there are about 48,000 online media, and only hundreds of which have been verified. Just imagine, how many journalists or journalists are there today? Many.

The main income of a journalist is from the salary they earn. Usually it’s above the Regional Minimum Wage [UMR] set by the government where he works.

Although the salary they get is still often a debate. Because, many of them work day and night while the wages they receive are small.

7. Ghost Writer

Have you ever heard of this profession? Ghost writer is one of the professions in the world of writing that is currently popular.

This profession is very flexible and the income earned is also quite high. However, it usually depends on the order.

For example, if you work as a ghost writer, you will work to write to order.

Which means, if a client orders you to write a feature story, or a book to a novel, you will write it that way.

From every writing you make, if it is completed, then you will get paid or wages. The wages obtained are usually dependent on the initial discussion.

8. Copyediting

Basically, copyediting is like an editor, but the work base is much more. Copyediting is usually editing a book, novel, encyclopedia and so on.

Copyediting will fix grammar, spelling, style and punctuation issues before preparing for the next step, which is proofreading.

The term copyediting is sometimes also referred to as revisions made by individuals or an editor.

Then, where does a copyediting income come from? From his salary. Usually, a copyediting person works under a publishing agency.

9. Proofreading

Now, when an article has been edited by an editor or copyediting, the next step is to submit it to proofreading.

The basis of the work of a proofreading is to read carefully the writing that has been edited by an editor. These errors range from typos to vocabulary usage.

Even cooler, a proofreader does not need to work under a direct agency, but can work on the side.

So, where does a proofreader earn? From every manuscript that has been read and given advice, he will earn income.

The income can be in the form of a contract or cooperation, or paid per writing. Usually varied, can reach Rp. 300-600 thousand rupiah.

This task is relatively easy because usually proofreaders only need to read a script and do not suggest major changes to the edited manuscript.

10. CopyWriting

This is one of the most popular writing professions nowadays. Basically, this profession works by writing or reviewing a product.

Which means, this is one of the business writings with the aim of promoting a product or service through writing.

On average, a copywriter earns per writing segment, or is paid per writing. It’s like being a marketing influencer on blogger.

The income is also usually varied and depends on the length of the article and the brand you want to promote.

If the product is from a well-known brand, the fee is also quite high. It can even reach 500-1 million rupiah per article.

11. Book author

Novelists actually enter this profession. However, I make it different, because basically novelism is an activity of writing by way of storytelling, which uses imagination and tends to use literary language.

Meanwhile, the author of a book is a writer who puts forward scientific principles, views on an issue, and the relevance of the subject matter. So, even though these two professions are the same, they have different ways of writing.

In terms of income, book authors also earn income from royalties. His calculations are also the same as that of a novelist.


It is possible that the profession in the world of writing will increase considering the development of science.

The list above is only a part of the professions in writing, which exist and are popular today. And perhaps, one of you falls into the above category.

Well, that’s an article about 11 different writers’ professions and how they make money. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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