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5 Secrets To Improve Your Balance With Yoga

Yoga is a sacred art that helps unite your mind, body, and spirit to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Yoga is a sacred art that helps unite your mind, body, and spirit to achieve spiritual enlightenment. It helps you connect to the divine being and gain a better understanding of your body. However, when it comes to practicing balancing yoga poses like the Tree Pose, Eagle Pose, or Boat Pose even the most advanced yogis tend to lose their balance.

There is no need to worry as undergoing yoga teacher training at a reputed yoga school gives you the secrets that develop more body balance. These secrets will help you cultivate internal and external stillness during the yoga practice session.

5 Secrets to Improved Body Balance In Yoga

With that said, given below are five secrets to help you create more balance when practicing yoga.

1. Focus On Your Breath

In yoga, breathing is the bridge that connects your mind to your body. You should stop focusing on your thoughts and bring the focus to your breathing. The practice of balancing poses in yoga requires you to focus on breathing and keeping your body still. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing to do. You should develop relaxed breathing which helps relax your mind and body.

2. Check Body Alignment

An important part of yoga teacher training is learning the correct body alignment. For example, if you are practicing Tree Pose and twist your hips to raise your legs or knee too much it will throw your spine, thighs, knees, and hips off balance. In short, your body alignment goes out of the window.

You should seek the advice of an experienced yoga guru especially if you suffer from past injuries or any chronic body conditions which might impact your balance during yoga practice.

3. Keep Practicing

Although falling off balance during the yoga practice might discourage you from taking this practice further. Moving from a beginner to an advanced yogi is not a straight road. However, you should continue the practice as it is the best way for you to improve body balance in the long run.

4. Practice Drishti

Wherever your eyes go during the yoga practice your attention follows. Your gaze is restless just like your mind. However, it is important in yoga teacher training for you to focus on a single and still point located at some distance from you. Remember, the closer your point of the gaze the more body balance you will have during the yoga practice.

However, if you want to keep challenging your body balance then focus on a point a bit far off than the first point. For the best results, you can close your eyes and focus within.

5. Develop Core Strength

If you have weak core muscles it will be very difficult for you to keep your balance, especially in your arms and legs during yoga practice. You should enroll in yoga teacher training to understand how Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha activate your core muscles and provide more balance to your body.


Practicing yoga helps you unite mind, body, and spirit and connect with your divine being. However, without adequate balance, you are more likely to suffer an injury during yoga practice. You should enroll in yoga teacher training to know about creating the perfect body balance.


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