Acer Predator Sim Racing Cup 2021 Begins!

Acer kicks off Predator Sim Racing Cup 2021, where a unique experience “cannot be bought for money” is presented as a reward!

Acer announced that registrations for Predator Sim Racing Cup 2021 , organized with the support of R8G eSports, the simulation racing team of Indycar driver and F1 legend Romain Grosjean , are open until May 21, 2021. The race to be held on the AssettoCorsa platform awaits not only sim racers but also players and motor sports enthusiasts.

Among the participants in Turkey, those who qualify to compete in the national final of the Predator Sim Racing Cup will be determined by ranking the ones who signed the fastest lap time during the hot lap. A maximum of 20 pilots will be able to compete in the national final, which will last 45 minutes. The national champion will qualify for the “International Finale” on May 30 against 14 other national championships and professional drivers of the R8G eSports team. The champion of the international final will join the R8G eSports team for one year and will be part of a special experience money can’t buy.

Commenting on the racers, which aims to give both motorsports and sportspersons the opportunity to experience this unique experience, Hajo Blingen, Acer EMEA’s Vice President of Marketing, said: “As a racer, we Playing a key role in making it accessible and supportive for one. Discovering new capabilities. Once we are fully aware of our digital media competition, their international competition. , Actors and motor sports, as well as new ones Enthusiasm among the fans, with a very attractive prize pool. Motor sports legend Roman Grossjan We are pleased to bring such competition to life in close collaboration with the R8GE Sports team and our top retail partners in nearly 30 countries.

The Predator Sim Racing Cup 2021 national qualifying rounds will take place on the legendary Monza track, which forces the pilots sitting in the driver’s seat of the Mercedes AMG GT3 to drop to 70 km / h at a speed of 350 km / h. The track where the international final will be held will be determined by the voting of all national champions.

Predator Sim Racing Cup 2021 Turkey Final will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube channels with the presentations of Emre Baltaoğlu and Cihangir Perperik, who will be in front of the camera to guide and excite the fans throughout the race. Broadcast details of the international final will be announced shortly before the event.


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