Android 12 Will Also Eliminate This Annoying Issue Of Android

It seems that the problems that came with the Android 11 update and when taking a screenshot, will disappear with Android 12.

The Android 11 update included a number of changes, but one of the most notable was taking screenshots . A handy pop-up window when you wanted to take a screenshot gave the option to share or edit the image with a single button, but it was hard to get rid of it if you didn’t want to do either. It seems that this issue is fixed in Android 12’s latest developer preview.

Previously, when you took a screenshot, you had to tap the little “X” button in the corner to delete it from the screen. Because of its small size, this “X” button was easy to miss and you could accidentally open a different screen. The update makes the interface more intuitive, allowing you to swipe the window left or right.  

Android 12 is expected to enter beta by May, and the final version is expected later this year. The exact time it will arrive on your smartphone depends entirely on your manufacturer.  


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