Another Great Innovation from Android 12: “Trash” Comes to Android!

With Android 12, Google is preparing to implement another long-awaited feature: “Trash” comes to Android.

A search between codes may have revealed another important innovation of Android 12. When Android 12 launches later this year, it looks like it will bring features such as trash and automatic application translation .

XDA Developers researchers say they worked hard to find the trash option. Files deleted with the Trash are not completely erased instantly, and they can be recovered. We can compare this to Windows’ Recycle Bin.

This feature is actually available in Android 11, but it is not fully accessible. Currently Android trash allows to recover certain file types if they have the correct permissions. In short, it work very different from the way Window.
The new code suggests that the Android 12 trash bin will be system-wide and can be accessed via the Google Files app. So anything you delete in any app can be recovered from digital trash.

Android 12 and Automatic Application Translation

Another interesting feature that XDA developers have noticed is the automatic application translation. So Android developers will translate apps into the local language without having to write translations. This feature will be very useful for anyone using Android in any language other than English and it seems that this “translation service” can use Google Translate or even a third party translation application. Is.


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