Desktop PC or Laptop? Who Should We Choose?

The secret war continues between desktop computers and laptops. But should you buy a desktop computer or a laptop? If you are having trouble choosing between desktop PC and laptop, you are in the right place …

It seems that the war between laptop and desktop PC is not over. In many homes and workplaces, the struggle between laptops and desktop computers is still ongoing, even though they both live together. In the past, the desktop could be seen as unparalleled in this battle because it is ahead in terms of performance. But with the growing power of laptops, the struggle has taken on a different dimension.
In fact, both have their advantages as well as disadvantages, and are not really better than each other. Which is a better choice for specific needs and preferences? lets take a look

What is a desktop computer, what is a laptop?

A desktop computer, in its most basic definition, is a stable, stationary computer resting on a table. It consists of several parts that are usually separated: the case, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse.
Desktop computers have much customizable structure in comparison of laptop computers. When setting up a desktop computer, you can choose from a variety of components for almost any part of the PC. But your choices are more limited to laptops.
laptop computer is a portable device, usually with USB ports for optional peripherals on the sides. The laptop has a built-in screen, a built-in keyboard, a touchpad that acts as a mouse. Also, with its internal batteries, it can work without a plug for a certain period of time.

Why Should You Buy a Laptop?

Laptops are a great option for students who go to school out of the house every day and need a computer for lessons. Also, people who have to travel a lot for their work, and those who have enough data between home and work, can turn to laptops.

Portability: If you need to take your computer out of the house regularly, you can’t just leave the laptop. However, most consumers buy a laptop because it is small. These users always leave their laptops on the desk in their office or home.

Power: Laptops use less power than desktop PCs. Batteries that prevent you from losing your job during power outages or cuts.

Why Should You Buy a Desktop PC?

if This is a computer that will do everything you look for, if you have no problem placing this computer on the table, you can go to the desktop computer. Although special gaming laptops are now available for gamers, a properly configured desktop PC would also be the right choice for gamers.

More importantly, desktop computers can better respond to changing performance requirements. For example, you can easily add RAM to a desktop computer, easily replace a graphics card. You will have the opportunity to go to the big monitor whenever you want.

The key detail here is: You can’t take a desktop computer to school or work.

Cost: When you look at peer-to-peer hardware, desktop PCs are significantly cheaper. So you have a much better desktop PC for the same amount.

Aesthetics: When you say desktop PC, you can think of ugly issues, cable clutter and heavy monitors. But your desktop PC doesn’t have to be this way. PCs from all the leading companies offer very good PCs in terms of looks. Of course, it would be unfair to give up on shiny desktop PCs.

Large monitors: You are not limited to the number, size and resolution of monitors on the desktop PC. It is a fact that some jobs can be more productive with multiple monitors or high resolution monitors that offer a wide range of work. Of course, games will be more enjoyable for many users with large monitors.


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