How to Buy a Domain on Google Domains

How to Buy a Domain on Google Domains

As someone who has a part-time job in the field of website creation services, I often get questions like “Mas, do I have to buy a domain?” from new customers when offered a choice of website creation packages.

But I also don’t expect much if everyone who just wants to create a website will understand the structure of a website. So instead of me going back and forth explaining the obligation to buy a domain at length every time there is a new customer, I’ll just explain it in this article.

Brief explanation of the website

Based on my knowledge, a website is a collection of pages that contain special information that can be interrelated between pages. Websites can actually be created using simple HTML and CSS languages.

But of course this simple website will not be suitable for use as a professional website, because you are required to create line by line of code to compile a website framework as well as its contents.

So for the sake of making it easier for people to create websites, there are lots of website platforms that we can use out there, there are several popular website platforms such as:

  1., this is a free website platform that is widely used by ordinary people who are just learning and want to build a website.
  2., this is a free website platform from Google. Blogger has the advantage of a template or display that can be customized according to our wishes, but of course we must understand reading CSS code.
  3., this is a community version of the free wordpress cms that is widely used from beginners to experts.

Usually, when you are offered or want a website creation service, the website platform that will be used to create a website is Even though the platform can actually be adjusted according to customer requests.

The reason why many people recommend the wordpress website platform (refer to, is because of the convenience it provides where you don’t have to bother typing line by line html code, besides that the display is also very user friendly. If you want to create a wordpress website and aim to make it accessible only on a local computer (only you can access it), you can install it for free using XAMPP.

But if the goal is to make your website accessible to many people, then you have to rent a website hosting (monthly or yearly fee). For that reason too, then you need a Domain name which is useful to make it easier for other people to visit your website without having to type in an IP address.

What are Domains?

Domain name is an address that you usually type in the address barbrowser when visiting a website. The simple analogy, if the website is the house, then the domain is the address of the house.

All computers connected to the internet certainly have their respective identifications in the form of internet protocol (ip) in order to communicate with each other. This IP is usually identical with a numeric form such as

This one article will not actually fit to explain in detail and in full about the technique, but the point is that it is impossible for you to visit the YouTube site by typing in the ip address, right? what we have in mind when we visit YouTube is definitely a name and not a troublesome number.

in short…

Domains are indeed made to make it easier for us / people to access a website that we have.

What is the difference between Domain and Website Hosting?

The website consists of various HTML, Javascript, and CSS files in one folder. While hosting is a place to put files / website directories that you have so that they can be accessed by many people.

If you buy a hosting, you can actually make your website accessible to many people from various countries. But without a Domain, they have to type in the ip address of the hosting you bought.

Normally if you want to create a website, you must have both Domain and Hosting.

Structure of a Domain

There are many types of Domains available on the Internet, but usually the most popular domains among the many are .com, .net,, .id, and many more.

The following is an illustration of the structure of a domain

Maybe many think that an important/mandatory part of a Domain. Though www. is simply a sub-domain that generally labels a subdomain for a web page.

Meanwhile, if you look at your current address bar, the domain I have is, where there is no www.

But from the picture above it can be concluded, that when you want to buy a domain. You only need to think about the last 2 parts to find a unique domain name.

How do I buy a Domain?

Domains can be purchased directly through Registrars (organizations that provide domains), there are registrar from abroad and domestically. Of course, by choosing a domestic registrar, we will be given the convenience of making payments, because usually there is a choice of payment methods via bank transfer, gopay, ovo, and others. In addition, at the domestic registrar, we can buy and .id domain extensions. It’s different if you buy a domain through a foreign registrar, the payment method that must be done usually has to be via a credit card or debit card and the choice of domain is not available for the domain id extension.

I myself bought a domain at Google Domains, the reason why I prefer to buy a domain there is because the price is relatively cheaper than the price for a domain at a local registrar.

Do not be fooled by cheap domain prices when buying a domain at a local registrar, because usually the price does not include 10% tax and domain protection features. At Google Domains, you can get a .com domain for Rp. 182,523/year and that includes 10% tax and domain protection.

Define a unique domain name

You can see posts about tips for choosing the best domain name to help you determine the domain name you want to buy, when choosing a name for a domain make sure the name is not too long and not too difficult to pronounce.

If the domain name you want to buy is not available, it means that the domain has been purchased by someone else. So like it or not, you have to think of a domain name that is unique but easy for others to remember.

Add domain to shopping cart

Once you have a domain name available for you to purchase, you will be taken to this page

You can directly press the cart button next to the heart-shaped button in the right corner of the image

Choose Add Ons (complementary) domain

After you go to the checkout page, you will be offered a complementary domain such as Custom Email, but you can choose to ignore this option and press the checkout button immediately.

Buying a domain with a credit card

The next step is to make a payment using a credit/debit card.

Connecting a domain name to a web hosting

If the domain has been successfully purchased, the next step is to connect the domain you have to your web hosting by filling in the custom name server as shown in this image.

Name server names can vary depending on where you rent a web hosting for your website.

I myself use Vultr VPS to host my website, if you are someone who already understands Linux servers I recommend you to use a VPS instead of using shared hosting.

Up here, the guide on how to buy a domain has been completed


Back again to the question “is buying a domain required?” the answer depends on your needs again, do you save the website on a local computer? Domains are required if you want your website to be accessible to many people easily.

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