How to Delete Google Search History? Google History Deletion Guide 2021

Google collects a lot of data about you, including past searches. But how do you delete Google search history? Here are the answers to all your questions about deleting Google history: Google search history deletion guide 2021

Google records what you do on the internet, on your phone and almost everywhere on its servers . The company does this both to provide us with more accurate advertisements and to provide a smarter service; Therefore, having your data in Google’s hands may not be as scary as you think. Being able to easily see and manage which data the company is storing from a single page makes you feel comfortable in this regard.

However , if you are uncomfortable with Google keeping your search history, you can disable this function by following the steps below

How to Delete Google Search History?

Google can keep track of the calls you make on your phone, tablet, and computer, depending on your account settings and being signed in . Although this data is normally not shown to anyone, someone who knows your password can see your searches and even which pages you visit. If we take a worse scenario, all your actions could be exposed if your account was hacked. This means that you will have problems in terms of both security and privacy .

Clear Your Google History!

You can delete past searches, browsing history, and other types of activity from your Google account. To do this, visit the My Activity page  (you may need to be signed in) and follow one of the methods below to delete Google search history.

Delete individual items: Go to the My Activity page. You will see your recorded activities in groups at the first opening. If you wish, you can select the “Item View” option from the left menu and see the whole activity pen by pencil. If you are going to delete a group, just press the cross next to that group. To delete a single event, switch to Item View and find the item you want to delete. You can also use searches or filters for this. Hover over the item you want to delete, tap on “three dots” and click Delete. If necessary, confirm your choice.

Delete event for a specific day or period: Go to the My Activity page and select “Event deletion by” from the left menu. In the new window that opens, specify the day or date range and finally select Delete.

Delete everything: Open the My Activity page and click on the three dots button in the top right, then click on ” Activity delete by “. Now click the Down arrow under ” Delete by date ” and select All time . Finally select Delete and confirm your choice if necessary.

Turn off Google Search History

Now that you have deleted your activity, you may also want to prevent Google from keeping these records. In this case, you have the options to temporarily or permanently stop the recording.

Temporarily stop saving history: If you want to stop saving your activity for a while, you can open a private browsing window in your browser while browsing the web. Your activity will not be saved unless you sign in to Google while in the incognito window.

Turn off search history permanently: Go to the Activity control page (also available from the Left menu) and toggle the switch next to the event you want to stop recording (in this case, ” Web & App Activity ” item). Click ” Pause ” in the box that opens to confirm the change you have made .

Google says the activities you delete are permanently deleted from your account. However, the company states that it can keep information such as which products you use and when to improve the service.

That is all. Note that the method we’re talking about here is only for deleting your search history stored on Google servers. Therefore, if you want to delete your saved searches in your web browser, you will need to clear them separately.




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