How to Fix All White And Blank Laptop Screen

How to Fix All White And Blank Laptop Screen

Using a laptop properly or not constantly being used is one of the tips for caring for a laptop so that it lasts. In addition, removing the charger when the power is full is also the right step so that the laptop does not get damaged quickly.

Because if you don’t, if you don’t remove it, it will create a high electric current and very dangerous. There are many tips so that the laptop does not get damaged quickly. This is reasonable because the laptop is one of the electronic goods.

In fact, you also have to regularly clean the laptop screen so it doesn’t get damaged quickly. Because usually a damaged laptop screen will appear lines that can be annoying, even making the screen blank white.

Well, if you’ve ever experienced a laptop screen suddenly blank white, you can follow the following method to fix it!

The Cause of All White And Blank Laptop Screens

Before we discuss how to repair a striped laptop LCD, it would be nice to know first what causes a striped laptop screen, as follows:

1. Flex Cable Problem

The first cause is the problem with the LCD flex cable, either broken or loose. As we know, the flexible cable is a component that connects the laptop screen to the components on the motherboard.

If this flexible cable has problems such as loose or disconnected, then most likely the laptop screen will be completely white. There is even a laptop screen that appears lines.

2. Laptop VGA is Damaged

Next is your laptop VGA is damaged. Yups, VGA is one component that is directly related to the laptop screen.

So don’t be surprised if the VGA Card is damaged, it will greatly affect the performance of the laptop screen. For example, a laptop that suddenly has a blue screen, lines come out and also blanks white like what you are experiencing right now.

3. Laptop RAM Problems

Just like a VGA card, a problematic laptop RAM will interfere with the performance of the laptop screen. Examples such as laptops that have streaks, white blanks and even more severe cases can cause the laptop to not be able to enter Windows.

So as laptop users, we also have to pay more attention to the condition of the components contained in the laptop, one of which is RAM.

RAM problems or errors can also be caused because there is a lot of dust in it. Therefore, you must regularly clean the dust contained in the brass RAM by using a rubber eraser.

4. Laptop Screen Collapsing or Crashing

The laptop screen suddenly went blank white, most likely because the laptop screen had been crushed or pressed by a heavy object. Moreover, the shape of the laptop is minimalist, so the risk if you are depressed or tired is a greater risk of damage.

Not to mention if the laptop is overwritten with heavy objects on it. Which could have without us realizing it caused some laptop components to be damaged.

5. Laptop Crash

Just like the previous point, when a laptop is hit by a hard object at all angles, it is likely that there are components that are damaged, especially on the screen which is very susceptible to damage when hit or dropped.

6. Improper Screen Installation

The next biggest possibility is why the laptop screen suddenly turns white because the screen installation is not precise or doesn’t fit. So that makes the part on the screen can’t function optimally, that’s why this white blank appears suddenly.

7. Driver Display Error

Just like any other software, the screen or display also requires a driver. This driver serves to connect between software and hardware.

So if there is a problem with the display driver, it may cause the screen to be damaged such as a white or black blank. Therefore, if there is a Windows update request, you better do it, because it affects all installed drivers.

8. Laptop System Error

The next cause of the blank white laptop screen, it could be because the system is in error. Just like the laptop sound does not come out, there is also a possibility that the laptop screen is blank white due to a laptop system error. This is because the system is not functioning optimally.

9. Factory Production Error

Finally, of course, because of factory production errors. Even though factory production uses machines, of course there is still human resource intervention, which can be missed during quality control.

So if you feel like you haven’t done the things above or if you just bought a laptop, then suddenly the laptop screen turns white, possibly due to a manufacturing defect.

“Then how do you fix a blank white laptop screen?”

Don’t worry… all problems have a solution. One of them you can follow the following ways!

How to Overcome a Blank White Laptop Screen

After you know the reason why the laptop LCD is blank white above, so let’s just see how the solution to the laptop LCD is blank white below!

1. Force Restart Laptop

The first way is to force restart the laptop. When the laptop screen is blank white, you automatically cannot enter Windows, to be able to restart through the system you will not be able to.

Therefore, you need to force restart by pressing the off button on the laptop for a few moments. Wait a few minutes to turn it back on. If you have you can immediately turn it on.

You can do this method because usually this is caused because the system service on the laptop is in error or collides and creates several problematic programs.

Moreover, the symptoms when the system service has problems vary, not only making the screen white, but there are also problems such as the folder cannot be opened and many more. Therefore, it never hurts for you to restart the laptop

2. Enter Safe Mode

If when restarting your laptop screen you can boot into Windows, the next step you have to go into Safe Mode. Well, to get into Safe Mode there are several ways. To do this, you can check the following:

  • When booting into Windows, just press F8 / Fn + F8 on the keyboard
  • Do this many times until Windows boots up and enters Safe Mode.

If you have entered, you must check the display adapter driver on the laptop. Not only that, you also need to do an SFC scan.

Because usually the problem with the laptop screen is blank white due to the driver not updating so that problems on the screen appear. Well, for the next steps, you can refer to the next point!

3. Update Display Adapter Driver

As explained earlier, one of the causes of the laptop screen suddenly turning white is because there is a hardware problem.

Usually this is because the driver is not installed and not updated. Therefore, you need to update or reinstall the display adapters driver.

To do this, see the following steps:

  • Go to ‘Device Manager’ by searching in the taskbar search field
  • Then select ‘Display Adapter’ > Then right click on the installed display driver and click ‘Update’
  • Next you can click ‘Search automatically for drivers’
  • Next, the system will search and install the driver. If you can click ‘Close’
  • Finally you can restart the laptop.

If you have updated the driver, the next step is to do an SFC scan. For how you can see below.

4. Perform SFC Scan

This method is done to find out if there is a software error in the system. By doing this, you can find out what components are wrong. For how, let’s see the following:

  • Type ‘Command Prompt’ by searching in the taskbar search field
  • Then select ‘Run as administrator’
  • If you have typed the command ‘sfc /scannow’ and press enter on the keyboard.
  • Then wait for the process to finish.
  • Finally, if the SFC scanning process is complete, you can restart the laptop.

5. Remove the Laptop Battery First

This method may be a bit old-fashioned, but it’s still effective on some laptops, especially laptops that still use removable batteries (removable batteries).

For how to remove the laptop battery, you can follow these steps:

  • Remove the laptop battery according to the instructions for each laptop
  • Also make sure that the laptop is not connected to the power cable
  • Then you can press the laptop’s power button for about 30 seconds
  • If so, reinstall the laptop battery and turn on the laptop
  • Check whether the laptop screen is still blank white or not.

If the laptop still shows a white blank, you can follow the next method!

6. Check the Laptop’s RAM and VGA Conditions

As previously explained, the problem with the laptop screen or LCD has something to do with the RAM and VGA components. If both components are worn and dirty, it will cause several problems and less than optimal performance.

Therefore, the laptop appears streaky and suddenly goes white. Just like dealing with a laptop that appears lines. To check the condition of the RAM and VGA laptop, you can follow these steps:

  • First remove the VGA first > Then clean the pins using a rubber eraser
  • If you have reinstalled and removed the RAM component from the laptop
  • Next clean the RAM brass by using a rubber eraser properly and carefully
  • If it is clean, reinstall the RAM and close the laptop case

Then you can turn the laptop back on and check whether the laptop screen is still blank white or not.

7. Change Laptop Flex

If you have cleaned the VGA and RAM from dust, but the laptop screen remains blank. The next step inevitably you have to replace the laptop flexible cable with a new one.

Given the use of a laptop that must be opened and closed. So there is a high possibility that an error occurs in the flexible cable and makes the cable break or loose.

Oh yes, keep in mind to replace the laptop flexible cable, make sure you are reliable in disassembling the laptop, yes. Moreover, this concerns the screen and important components. If you can’t, it’s better to ask for help from a more expert.

8. Try Connecting Laptop to External Monitor

After trying various methods above but still not working, there is a possibility that there is a damaged component such as VGA. Well, to find out you can check it by connecting to an external monitor.

In this way you can find out whether the VGA, laptop screen has a problem or not. Well, to check it you can follow the following method, yes!

  • First prepare an external monitor and HDMI cable
  • Then connect the laptop to the monitor screen
  • Now, to change the screen mode you can press F10 or Fn + F10 on the keyboard.


  • If when changing the screen mode to an external monitor, a white screen appears, it means that the laptop VGA card is damaged
  • If the screen on the external monitor is normal, it means that your laptop screen is damaged.

9. Replace Laptop LCD Screen

Well, if the problem is because of a broken laptop screen. Then you need to replace the laptop LCD screen with a new one. Usually this is caused by the laptop hitting a hard object, spilling water, or falling.

10. Laptop Service

The last is to take it to a laptop repairman. If you really can’t install a laptop LCD yourself, it’s better if you take it directly to an expert or have it serviced by an expert. This is so that no other components are damaged.

So, that’s it guys, how to deal with a laptop screen that suddenly turns white. Oh yeah, don’t forget to share this article with your friends, so they also know how to fix a blank white laptop LCD

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