How to hide apps in vivo mobile

How to hide apps in vivo mobile?

How to Hide Apps on Vivo – Vivo is a smartphone brand from China which is also quite popular in Indonesia. Even though its existence is now starting to decline, Vivo is still the ideal cellphone for its fans. The proof, there are still many users who are waiting for the latest HP surprise from Vivo.

HP from Vivo is famous for its luxurious design, as well as with excellent camera features. The shots via HP Vivo are of very high quality, even almost equivalent to a DSLR camera, especially for the selfie camera. Also supported by other superior specifications, making HP Vivo more indulgent for its users.

As a smartphone user, especially HP Vivo, security remains number one. Almost all HP brands provide their products with powerful security features to ensure that user data and privacy are protected. For security reasons, some users sometimes also want to hide the applications installed on their cellphones. So, how to hide applications on HP Vivo? You can read more information below!

3 Ways to Hide Apps on Vivo

To hide applications on Vivo is not difficult, because Vivo has provided special features for its smartphones. This feature allows users to hide the desired application without any application. Root access is also not needed, because its use is instant. Besides taking advantage of the hide apps feature, you can also take advantage of special hide apps through the Google Play Store. For the methods themselves, as follows:

How to Hide Apps Without Root and Without Apps

As explained earlier, for how to hide apps on Vivo we don’t need root access and additional apps. The method is quite easy, even for ordinary users.

Your first step is to click on the bezel menu or the left edge of the screen on the Homescreen.

Later, several general Settings menus will appear, you click on the Hide Icon menu to hide the application.

Next you will be asked to create a key in the form of a PIN or Pattern. This feature will protect hidden applications from being opened carelessly by others.

After that, you can choose which apps you want to hide or hide. The selected application will automatically enter the application list in the Hide Icon menu.

If so, then click on the Encryption Settings option. To open hidden apps, you need to enter the PIN or pattern lock that was previously created.

At this point, the app icon on the menu screen will automatically disappear because it’s been hidden.

This feature is only available on FunTouch OS, which is a modified Android operating system owned by the Vivo brand. This feature is not only able to maintain user privacy, it is also very easy to use.

How to Hide Apps on Vivo with Apex Launcher

In addition to using the default features, how to hide applications on Vivo can also be done by using special applications. This time you can use a launcher application called Apex Launcher. Apex launcher is actually a launcher application that functions to customize the appearance of the smartphone screen. Apex Launcher provides various interesting themes that can be applied to Vivo HP so that it looks different from the others.

In addition to beautifying the screen display, Apex Launcher also brings a Hidden Apps feature that allows users to hide applications. How to use it is quite easy, which is as follows:

Your first step is to install the Apex Luncher application on your Vivo cellphone. Install as usual, then activate the launcher.

If you have, on the Homescreen there will be an Apex Menu icon which contains several menus from the launcher. Click the Apex menu, then click on the Hidden Apps option.

On the Hidden Apps page, you can add applications that you want to hide by clicking the ADD HIDDEN APPS button.

Next, put a check mark or checklist on the application you want to hide.

If so, continue by clicking the HIDE APP button. Automatically the selected application will be hidden from the menu screen.

If you want to restore hidden apps, just open the Apex Menu again, then go to the Hidden Apps option. Later, a list of blocked applications will appear, to restore them, just click the UNHIDE button.

How to Hide Apps on Vivo with Nova Launcher

Almost the same as Apex Launcher, this one launcher application is also equipped with a feature to hide applications in it. The feature is named the App Drawer which is indeed used to remove applications. It’s just that this feature is only available on Nova Launcher Prime, aka paid.

Even though you use the free version of the Nova Launcher application, you can still hide apps on Vivo. The trick is to change the name and icon of the application. That way, other people will not be suspicious of the camouflaged application. For the steps themselves, as follows:

The first step you need to install the Nova Launcher application, then activate the application.

On the menu screen, you specify which application you want to hide. In the case of hiding the application this time not by removing the icon, but by editing the name and application name.

Press and hold on the app you want to hide until several options appear.

Then select the Pencil icon in the options menu that appeared earlier.

Here you can rename the application as you wish. In addition, to change the application icon you can click on the icon image. Later, at least 3 options will appear, namely “Built In” (replacing the application icon by duplicating another application icon on the cellphone), “Gallery App” (taking an image in the gallery to be used as an icon), and Get More Themes (downloading an image or theme via Google Play Store).

If you have changed all the names and icons, finally click the Done button. Automatically the name and application icon will change according to the settings you did earlier.


Those were some of the easiest ways to hide applications on Vivo that you can try to apply yourself. Don’t forget to share the information above to your personal social media account so that it is also useful for others.

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