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In states like Minnesota where we have cold, snowy weather, outdoor running might not be very appealing during winter months. While running indoors on a track or a treadmill can be a solid substitute, it’s actually very possible to run comfortably – and safely – in the open air.

Physical therapist Scott Gorham has been running during winter ever since he first had to cut weight for middle school wrestling matches. His experience and professional knowledge working with athletes made him a great source when we talked to him about winter running on the For Health’s Sake podcast. He told us about:

  • What clothes and equipment you need
  • Ways to warm up and cool down
  • How to avoid injuries
  • How to stay motivated

Don’t let winter slow you down

With the right equipment and preparation, outdoor running can be a year-round activity. And in the winter, it’s a welcome change from the increased time that we spend inside. So if you’re on the fence, consider checking the temperature, bundling up and giving it a try.


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