How To Use WhatsApp On PC Without Smartphone

How To Use WhatsApp On PC Without Smartphone

Now WhatsApp has the title of being one of the most visited applications every day. This application includes a completely complete.

Can be used for communication facilities, chat, video calls, voice calls to send several file formats. Plus now this application can not only be enjoyed in the form of an application.

But it can also be via a browser, hereinafter known as WhatsApp Web. Then how to use WhatsApp web, here’s a full explanation.

How to Use WhatsApp Web

1. Using WhatsApp Web on PC or Laptop

You can send messages using WhatsApp using a PC or laptop. Of course this is a really interesting development especially if you are working in front of a PC. You don’t need to switch to open WhatsApp with your cellphone, so it certainly wastes time. The trick is also easy, here are the steps.

Go to the PC/laptop browser page and open the WhatsApp Website at The important thing is to make sure that both the PC you use to open WhatsApp Web or the cellphone you use to open WhatsApp have a constant internet connection.

Next on your PC or laptop monitor there will be a QR Code image.

Then take your cellphone and open the WhatsApp web application.

Get three dots at the top right, tab then just select WhatsApp Web.

Scan the QR code by pointing the cellphone to the QR Code

Well in the end you can see the appearance of WhatsApp on the left side of your PC/laptop monitor.

The process is complete and you can use WhatsApp web like on a cellphone.

Opening WhatsApp Web using a PC or laptop really depends on your connection. And if the connection is bad, chances are you can’t log in.

2. Opening WhatsApp Web Using Android Phone


Is it possible or can use WhatsApp Web on Android Phone? This question is asked by many readers who want to open one WhatsApp in two different mobile phones.

Because WhatsApp Web was actually designed for PCs or laptops, that’s why some people only know that this version is for PC devices only. But in fact we can still use the WhatsApp Web version on Android phones. The benefit is to open two WhatsApp on a cellphone. So it can be on one phone too.

Here are the ways and how to use WhatsApp Web on Android:

  • Open Google Chrome on your cellphone.
  • Tap or select on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom until you find the word “Desktop Site” and check the small box next to it. The goal is to change the appearance of Google Chrome from a mobile version to a desktop version. Thus, it will look exactly like if we open it via a PC or laptop.
  • Open the WhatsApp Web site on your cellphone with the address
  • Take your other cellphone and select it on the WhatsApp Web/Desktop menu.
  • Next, scan the QR Code that appears on the cellphone and then you’re done.

So how to use two WhatsApp on one phone? Easy. Once you have entered WhatsApp Web, use the phone to open the WhatsApp application. Continue with the login as usual.

3. Steps on how to use WhatsApp on a PC without having to open a browser


If you want to use WhatsApp Web on a PC, you don’t need to open a browser because it can also be done. The trick is really easy, as below:

  • Just go to the WhatsApp site
  • Then download WhatsApp Web for PC or laptop. You can customize whether it will be installed for Windows PC or Mac.
  • Click Download and wait for it to finish.
  • After that you can use WhatsApp no ​​need to create a browser.

How to log in using the WhatsApp Web application on a PC is roughly the same as using the WhatsApp application on a cellphone.

4. Steps How to Log Out of WhatsApp Web for all devices


Although WhatsApp web makes it easy to reply and send chat messages via WhatsApp either to a PC or cellphone, in fact this can also be dangerous.

Especially if you use WhatsApp on a public PC such as at the office or in the library. Yes, your WhatsApp will be hijacked by PC users after you.

So, to overcome this problem, you can try the really right trick. The solution is to have to exit WhatsApp Web for all connected devices. The trick is:

  • First you have to enter WhatsApp on your cellphone.
  • Next get the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  • Then click on WhatsApp Web and select Log Out from all Devices

So, your Whatsapp Web account has been logged out, if you want to enter, then do the same as step number 1 above. But if you want to make sure WhatsApp is completely safe and has exited then you can also log out of your PC or laptop. The trick is really easy, namely:

  • Log in to WhatsApp Web at via your PC or laptop browser.
  • Then get the three-dot menu at the top, then click on the “Log out” menu.
  • Now your account is safe and has left WhatsApp Web.

Disadvantages of Using Whatsapp Web


Indeed, since the emergence of the Whatsapp Web feature, many people continue to use this application when working on a PC. And because WhatsApp Web can also be used to send various types of images, photos, and documents because it makes the work done quickly.

But in fact the advantages of Whatsapp Web are inseparable from shortcomings, this is also what makes you sometimes unable to login on WhatsApp Web. Here are the drawbacks:

  • Totally dependent on a constant and strong internet connection
  • Unable to make WhatsApp Calls and Video Calls
  • The impact of the battery on the cellphone runs out quickly
  • The cellphone must be on
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