How will the duty document be obtained? Description of duty document from the Ministry

The full closure process in Turkey starts from this evening. According to today’s circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a ‘duty document’ will be issued for those who are exempted from the restriction and those working in the restriction. Well, what is the duty document? How will the duty document be obtained from the e-Application system? How can I access the duty document forms? Here are the details:


Interior Ministry sent a circular on “Arrangement Duty Certificates” to 81 Provincial Governorships. In the circular, the measures taken to prevent abuse of exemptions in the process of combating the epidemic were pointed out. It was stated by the authorities of these workplaces that all documents will expire at 24:00 on Sunday, May 2, for employees working in workplaces previous exempted by circulars, especially in production, manufacturing, suply & logistic sactors.


So, how will the duty document be obtained? According to the circular, ‘As per Thursday, 29th April people who working in places such as workplaces, factoriess and workshops that are within the scope of exemptions will be able to apply for a “duty certificate” via the Ministry of Interior’s e-application system on the e-government platform .

The Ministry also included a section in the circular against the technical problems that may be experienced: Problems that may occur in the use of the e-application system by the employee who will apply, systemic intensity, access error, and if the duty certificate cannot be obtained on time due to temporary situations, it should be only once and valid for a maximum of three days. The assignment document form, sample of which is presented in Annex-1, can be prepared by filling manually and signed by the employee and the representative of the workplace / company. (It is possible to find the relevant forms on the website of the Ministry )


In the post made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Twitter, it was stated that “The current duty documents issued by the workplaces that are within the scope of exemption in the Full Closure Process; WILL BE VALID UNTIL 24:00, SUNDAY, MAY 2”.

In the statement made on the Twitter account of the Ministry of Interior, the following statements were made:

  • We have completed all our preparations so that the Work Permit Certificate can be obtained via e-Government and the application screen has opened on e-Devlet.
  • Our citizens who work at workplaces that are within the scope of exemption during the period of complete closure and who experience difficulties in accessing the system from time to time due to the intensity at the e-government door  do not need to worry and hurry.
  • The current mission documents issued by the relevant workplaces will be valid until 24:00 on Sunday, May 2.
  • In addition, in case of difficulties in accessing the e-application system, the attached form can be filled in manually and signed by the employee and the workplace / company authorized, and a duty document can be used.
  • We have taken every precaution to ensure that nobody experiences victimization and the exemptions are abused. 


The duty certificate circular is as follows:

  • Until Thursday, April 29, 2021, persons working in places like workplaces / factories / workshops who are eligible for exemption, apply for duty document on e-Government platform through Ministry of Home Affairs e-Application System Will The workplace registration number of those applying for the duty certificate will be selected according to the social security number and it will be checked whether the workplace is within the scope of exemption according to the activity area. As a result of these queries, prompt and automatic integration with the relevant ministries will result in the issuance of a duty document on the system automatically, if the compatibility between the notification and the required conditions is determined.
  • In addition to the applicant’s employee identification information, a printout of the employment document, including the purpose of the workplace during the curfew, work period / time zone, workplace and residence address, service or vehicle plate information Will be included. The user, if any, will be taken by the applicant applicant. Signed by a government company.
  • If the employee is unable to get the duty document on time due to problems in using the e-application system, system severity, access error, etc., then the duty document form offered in Annex-1 is for one time only. And suitable for a maximum of three days. Can be filled and signed by employee and workplace / company representative. Through the e-application system or when required, manually generated duty documents
  • The workplace / company official is responsible for the accuracy of the information that according to the document he signed, the person is working in the workplace / company for which he is authorized and his During this time he has to stay at work for the necessary purpose. Curfew, the person whose duty certificate is issued for the accuracy of information about himself and the reason for the waiver during the curfew. Accordingly, will be responsible for limited time and work.
  • The duty document issued will be waived during the curfew with personnel working at the place of employment and will be presented to the inspection teams during these controllers. The duty documents generated by the e-application system will be simultaneously transferred to the law enforcement officers’ information system, and during the inspection activities conducted by the law enforcement officers, those who perform the correct duty Do not submit the document or the reason, time and route exemption stated in the duty document does not match the situation during the inspection. And legal and administrative action will be taken against workplace officials who provide incomplete / incorrect information.
  • At this point, the relevant professional chambers, especially the chambers of commerce, industry and / or trade and agriculture, will emphasize the necessary guidance activities, and inform workplaces / companies in the areas of activity. Will go and they will be encouraged to follow the rules. . .
  • For government employees who will be working in service buildings / places of government agencies and organizations that will provide services with minimum personnel during the period of complete closure, the duty notification document of the public staff given in Appendix-2 Will be produced by And within this scope there will be public officials. This will be subject to a limited exemption on the way between residence and work place.
  • Furthermore, with improvements made to facilitate access to our citizens, while the e-application system, one of the services provided by our government in e-government, allows travel permit applications to be processed directly. A list of e-Government Ministry of Interior services has been made available for access.
  • To prevent victims going to the funeral, the funeral leave service was made directly accessible, separate from the travel permit application. In addition, the citizens’ request to upload the death certificate electronically during the application for funeral permission was rejected. The integration of the system between our Ministry and the Ministry of Health will confirm the accuracy of the application.


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