The Best Tech Deals That Will Keep You Connected All Year

The Best Tech Deals That Will Keep You Connected All Year

The Best Tech Deals That Will Keep You Connected All Year : This season goes to appear terribly completely different, however you’ll keep connected with these cool gadgets.

What’s the best way to stay connected?

If you said “with a smartphone,” congrats, you’re in the majority. In fact, 82% of American adults now own one, and those phones keep us connected to family, friends, and coworkers — on average, they send more than 18 texts a day, which will probably help them stay in touch with us when they’re not at their desks. (Sorry.) The other prominent way to stay connected? Some kind of wearable. Back in July, 35% of adults said they owned a fitness tracker, and another 34% said they owned a smartwatch. Smartwatch sales, however, have recently leveled off, and when surveyed in October, only 20% of adults said they had the best-selling smartwatch on the market, the Apple Watch Series 3.

What are the coolest gadgets to buy this holiday season?

1. The Amazon Echo Show Amazon There are a lot of great speakers and receivers that work with Amazon Echo, but the Echo Show is an outstanding combination of hardware and software. It’s the first Alexa-powered device that works as a touchscreen, and it’s meant to make it easier to monitor security footage, watch cooking videos, or see video news briefings. It’s a bit pricey, but if you already have a lot of stuff linked to your Amazon account, this is a great gadget to get. 2. Anker Soundcore Mini Bluetooth Speaker Anker I’ve been using Anker’s Soundcore Mini Bluetooth Speaker for the past month, and it’s a great speaker that’s easy to travel with. It’s small enough to take with you on trips, and it doesn’t have to be plugged in.

Why is your phone so important?

Smartphones are the essential, and it’s hard to believe that Apple made them about five years ago. They aren’t just any phones though; smartphones are becoming a must-have item that requires you to drop everything and rely on it for your entire life. Phones are now necessities, especially when you want to use your phone to be a productive work assistant. One of the main things I hear from people who don’t own a smartphone is that they don’t want to have to carry one, because that’s just the norm. This is a shame, because phones make our lives easier. So, why should you have a smartphone and why are these two of the best deals in tech to save you money and make

Unfortunately, the GoT hoverboard didn’t make it through this list. Luckily, we’re saving the best for last with Amazon’s final sale on Audible audiobooks for December. Graphic: Shep McAllister Update: Looks like this promotion will end tomorrow, so don’t miss your chance to save on Amazon’s tech deals. Graphic: Elizabeth Zimmerman Amazon wants to make holiday shopping easier, so much easier that it’s allowing Prime members to shop at Whole Foods for the very first time. Sure, there’s still some bloatware (like Amazon Music and Audible), but for now, at least, you don’t even have to go inside to shop.

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