The Warning Signs Of Prediabetes: A Guide For Patients

The Warning Signs Of Prediabetes: A Guide For Patients

Friends, it has become common for a person to have diabetes in today’s time. But friends, how will we know about having diabetes? How will we know how we have come in contact with diabetes? For this, friends, why does diabetes happen and how to know about it, let’s know.

The Warning Signs Of Prediabetes: A Guide For Patients

There Are Two Types of Diabetes:

Low Sugar Diabetes – In this, the amount of glucose in your body is lacking.

High Sugar Diabetes – In this, the amount of glucose in your body is high.

But you have Prediabetes before having diabetes, but you do not see its symptoms, but you have to use a sugar kit to know about Prediabetes, and if you have got Prediabetes, you have to do it regularly. You will have to get tested if your sugar level remains under control.

But suppose you do not see your doctor and cannot control your pre-sugar. In that case, you will have diabetes later, due to which man has to give up many food items. You have to take care of many things; the reason for this is That if you do not control Prediabetes in time, then due to the increase in the amount of glucose, the blood vessels in the body start getting worse, due to which retinopathy and many other types of problems come.

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Diseases that Occur in The Body Due to Increased Amount of Glucose in The Body—

  • Kidney disease occurs due to increased glucose in the body.
  • Due to increased glucose in the body, you have to equalize the problems related to the heart.
  • Due to increased glucose in the body, sometimes you have to do the stuff of high BP problems.
  • Due to the increase in glucose in the body, you feel the loss of eyesight.
  • You can have a stroke due to increased glucose in the body.
  • Due to the increase in glucose in the body, the flesh of your body starts melting.
  • Due to the increase in glucose in the body, your old boil starts giving trouble to the body’s skin.
  • If you have any injury due to increased glucose in the body, then it does not heal. Friends, due to the non-clotting of blood, bleeding can be excessive, and you can also die due to excessive bleeding, so you need to balance your glucose because due to an increase in glucose, you can also fail.

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Friends, Now We Have Come to Know that What Is the Harm in The Body Due to This Prediabetes, but If You Have Got Prediabetes Then What to Do so That You Can Control Prediabetes.

  • If you have a lot of weight, control it by exercising to maintain your weight. It has been told in many research that if you control your weight, then you can control Prediabetes. If you control obesity even 5 to 10%, your Prediabetes is controlled.
  • The lipids in the body should be controlled so that Prediabetes can be controlled.
  • To control heart-related disease, you should avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Do not sit for a long time because your body remains inactive due to sitting for a long time, due to which Prediabetes increases in the body, for this, at least five times a week, start walking at a brisk pace for 30 minutes so that your The activities happening in the body start happening, due to which your body remains fit. You are not at risk of Prediabetes.
  • Every day, you eat all three times in the morning, afternoon and night, this will help your body choose the right food items, how much food to eat, how much not to eat, all these things will be known.
  • If you still feel hungry, then take low-fat food like chips and choose low-sugar food, which will keep your glucose under control, and you will avoid Prediabetes.
  • Whenever you eat food, eat such food in which the amount of fiber is high, and the amount of fat is low so that you can be fit instead of being fat, by the way, in such food you should eat bread made of flour, red rice, brown rice, without fried Noodles and low sugar food.
  • Avoid over-fried foods such as fried rice, rice cooked in sauce, pasta, or rice if they do not add gravy and sauces.
  • Avoid eating meaty food or cooking low-fat food by steaming and serving it in broth.
  • Avoid eating heavily cooked or fried, or oily food.
  • Drink low-fat milk or take non-fat food
  • Avoid eating high-fat food like cream biscuits, chicken pie, etc.
  • Avoid foods containing hydrogenated, vegetable oils, and margarine as they are high in fat
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits as food.
  • Eat fruits and not drink their juice because drinking juice increases the sugar level.
  • Do not overeat fruit because it spoils your sugar level.
  • Do not eat high-sugar foods, such as sugary drinks and Coca-Cola. Eating foods high in sugar makes you gain more weight.
  • Whenever you go out to eat, start saying no to sugary food and, if possible, choose a different food served on syrup.
  • Avoid eating carbohydrate food because eating carbohydrate food increases glucose, leading to Prediabetes.
  • You should consume less than 5 grams of salt per day.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking as much as possible.
  • These days, many products are being sold in the market in which it is being claimed to be sugar-free, avoid buying such products.

Friends, you can control your Prediabetes to a great extent with the use of dates, friends; if you have got Prediabetes, you must take care of the appropriate dates, friends, because it is a severe disease that can take a significant formidable form.

If you have been diagnosed with Prediabetes, you must keep in mind the proper parameters. Otherwise, your Prediabetes can take a great form in the disease, so you need to be alert.

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