Top 6 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Your Sales

Top 6 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Your Sales

Many people say email marketing, apart from being cheap, is very powerful and generates more sales than other marketing methods.

What if your email marketing method doesn’t work?


Maybe some of these techniques can help to improve your email marketing techniques that you have been running.

1. Segment your email list

Segmentation is creating groups, segmenting an email list means the process of dividing subscribers into groups based on common features, behaviors or characteristics.

The point is to understand the needs that fit and are useful according to each group.

Sounds like a good strategy?

Try checking your email subscriber list, have you grouped your subscribers?

If not, do it now.

Super office created a grouping of their email subscribers, and as a result, there was a 39% increase in opening & reading emails sent to subscribers.

Try to group your target customers by:

  • Purchase history
  • Location
  • Product browsing history
  • Interests (by purchase)
  • Order frequency
  • Returning customer
  • Purchase amount
  • Cart abandonment history.

And the more important question – how did you get all these groups together?

The answer is: use email marketing tools that support grouping email lists.

If you are using WordPress, then I recommend using the Mailster plugin.

This plugin provides all the stats – email opened rate, click-through rate, and more – so you’ll know which segmentation is best suited for your business.

2. Learn what kind of email your customers want

Do you know why people subscribe to your emails?

If you are not sure of the answer, then you cannot understand the mindset of your customers.

This is important because that’s how you know which emails they like.

Asking your customers directly is the best way to find out. You can do this by:

  • Email surveys to customers, offer bonuses to get them interested in filling out surveys
  • Feedback from chatbot

Request feedback from customers via email survey

First, email surveys and social listening.

Let’s take a look at the HubSpot experience.

They asked 400 consumers why they subscribed to email.

The results are quite interesting.

Most customers want to get the best deals on their products and services.

Many are also looking for quality content about online businesses.

Some are interested in knowing what is going on at HubSpot.

Here are the full results.

Reasons why customers subscribe to marketing emails. (HubSpot)

HubSpot does a great job of expressing what their customers want. No wonder their company has one of the best email marketing subscription services.

So, based on the survey results, most customers want:

  • Update
  • Discounts, coupons
  • Quality, useful product content
  • Product-related news and announcements

All of these are the first steps to creating a good email campaign, agree?

To make it easier to respond to your survey, write more than one answer.

Offer to subscribe to email via chatbot

What are chatbots?

Chatbots is an automated chat plugin, which helps collect responses from your online business.

This tool is perfect for the task because you can configure it to ask the customer anything you need.

Here’s how to leverage chatbots to create a more relevant email service.

This WordPress chatbot, for example, asks blog visitors if they want to subscribe to emails according to the topic they are reading.

Note that the message offers subscriptions for content related to email marketing.

That is, the visitor is reading an article on the topic.

If the visitor agrees, they click “Send Me an Email” and provide their email address.

From then on, visitors subscribe to emails focused on the content they love.

3. Find the best types of emails that recipients read, click, and open the most.

How often should you email subscribers?

Are any of your emails more frequently read, clicked by customers?

Sending emails too often will make your subscribers sick, this is one of the reasons why customers unsubscribe from emails from you.

Okay, so how often should I send emails?

There’s no definite benchmark, so we’ll have to do some experimenting.

Here’s how to do the experiment:

  • Email campaign I: one email per week
  • Email campaign II: two emails per week
  • Email campaign III: three emails per week.

Send campaign emails and see which ones are likely to be opened by recipients and which ones irritate the recipients and cancel their email subscriptions.

Determine which type of campaign is best for your business.

Next, let’s look at how to make email content more relevant.

4. Experiment with cross-selling and upselling

Upselling is a psychological tactic where you co-offer a more expensive product to generate more sales.

For example, if a customer considers a product for Rp. 150.000, please also offer similar types of products at a higher price, for example for Rp. 245,000

Here’s an example of a cross-selling tactic.

Below, there is an email containing product price discount information to customers.

In addition to these discounted products, there are products with the same category but at a higher price (customers tend to find them attractive).

Note that similar products are more expensive.

By including a higher price option, motivating customers to consider buying discounted products right away, or even considering buying a more expensive one.

Next, cross-selling.

A cross-selling technique is a tactic where you sell related or additional items to increase the order value.

We often encounter this when shopping or eating at a café.

“Aren’t there potatoes, Sis…we’re having a promo…”

“You want the soup, Sis…it’s perfect for extra rice for your little one…”

Buy fried chicken offered potatoes as an addition, buy rice offered soup as an addition…..

In email, this means adding products related to items that customers frequently buy together


Here’s an example of an email from Timberland that uses cross-selling.

By utilizing cross-selling techniques, in addition to giving your customers more options, you can increase your sales.

5. Make the title more interesting

What’s the best trick to get your emails opened?

Create an attention-grabbing title!

To improve your email marketing strategy, let’s use the following 2 techniques:

  • Awaken curiosity
  • Notify rarity and/or urgency.

Here’s how to make it.

Awaken curiosity

The trick is to tease the customer by giving hints of what’s to come.

Here are some examples.

  • It’s impossible, but it will work for you
  • You’ll never see anything like this
  • There’s a little surprise for you….
  • I’m really confused…
  • Your order is in…
  • Only for those invited…

Notify scarcity/urgency

Scarcity and urgency are common techniques businesses use to “force” email recipients to take immediate action.

Both aim to: encourage customers not to miss out on great deals.

Examples of titles based on urgency:

  • 20% Flash Sale Discount – Only For Today
  • Your 10% Discount Coupon Expires Today
  • Discount In Just 12 Hours! Feeling lucky?
  • Ends Tonight! Savings Across Products Up to 60%

Email title that communicates scarcity:

  • Only A Few Items Left….
  • Last Slot to Take Course Until Next Year
  • Say Goodbye to Your Limited Edition Offer.

These two techniques can give better results when combined.

The following tactics are used:

  • Save 20% Now. Only A Few Items Left…
  • Ending soon… 10% Discount on Limited Stock Items

There are many forms of marketing email headlines that you can try to increase sales.

6. Use email marketing tools

Alright, we’ve covered some tips for getting the most out of email marketing.

However, without the help of email marketing tools, the above tips will not produce maximum results.

So, use the tools for your email marketing.

What’s the tool?


You can use Mailchimp, sendgrid, elastic email and many more email marketing services out there.

The average full-featured email marketing service offers a free plan.

You can try the free plan first before deciding to use the paid one.

Or, if you are a WordPress user, you can use the Mailster plugin which has very complete features for email marketing, starting from segmenting email recipients, autoresponders, sending bulk emails, tracking emails and many more features.

Just buy the plugin once, use it for free forever… monthly fees like other online email marketing services.

What is the need for a tool for email marketing?

  • Segment your customers more effectively (we covered this point at the beginning of the article)
  • Automate repetitive processes to speed up your work. This process includes email delivery, email tracking, etc.
  • Make sure to follow the correct e-mail delivery rules. Email marketing tools provide tips and templates for you to follow the laws and regulations of email marketing.
  • Avoid SPAM folders. Also read 11 Reasons Why Emails Go to Spam


The business world is very competitive.

It’s not just you who sells it.

So, if you want to beat the competition, you need a strategy in your marketing.

The techniques and strategies you just read are a great starting point.

These tips help with email marketing – create engaging, informative, and customer-focused campaigns.

Do this for your email marketing success!

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