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Ultra-Satisfying Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie

This sweet and creamy Strawberry Banana Smoothie is easy to make with almond milk, oats and vanilla protein powder! It’s a super refreshing breakfast or snack that’s high in protein and fiber! You’ll fall in love with it.

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A homemade smoothie inside of a large glass with a striped straw inside and a fresh strawberry on the rim

Satisfying Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie

I will never get tired of drinking protein smoothies. Whether it’s before an evening workout or first thing in the morning, it hits the spot like nothing else and makes me feel amazing. This strawberry banana masterpiece is one of my very favorite drinks!

It’s like sipping on a tall glass of summer, only you can enjoy it year-round. You just need a blender and 5 minutes to make it happen! And if you’re ever looking to change things up, you can easily adapt this smoothie to suit your cravings.

A close-up shot of a strawberry banana smoothie garnished with banana slices, a strawberry and a mint leaf

Are Strawberry Banana Smoothies Good for You?

Not every smoothie is created equal, but this recipe keeps things nice and healthy. It doesn’t use any refined sugars or artificial flavorings, which are actually more common in smoothies than you might think. Well, not in this case!

The bananas and strawberries contain tons of vitamins, antioxidants and potassium to nourish your body. The oats are rich in both protein and fiber, and the unsweetened almond milk keeps things dairy-free and vegan. Overall, you can absolutely count on this smoothie as a good-for-you snack.

A strawberry banana smoothie in a tall glass on a marble counter beside two fresh strawberries

What You’ll Need

Let’s talk about the ingredients you’ll need for this strawberry banana smoothie in a little more detail. Feel free to make swap-outs and additions if you’d like.

  • Banana: I like to use a banana that has just begun to brown. If it’s underripe, it won’t be as sweet and flavorful.
  • Strawberries: These should be frozen.
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk: Or any other milk you have on hand.
  • Oats: Either rolled oats or quick oats will work, though I generally prefer rolled oats. Steel-cut oats are too tough and dense.
  • Water: Filtered.
  • Ice: To help thicken the smoothie
  • Vanilla Protein Powder: Use your go-to brand.

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A banana, almond milk, oats and the remaining smoothie ingredients on a countertop

How to Make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie

I wasn’t lying when I said you just need a few minutes and a blender to bring this smoothie to life. It could not be more simple!

Blend Ingredients: Add the almond milk, water, protein powder, oats, banana, strawberries and ice to your blender and pulse until smooth.

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