Why We Need To Rethink Our Relationship With Tech

Why We Need To Rethink Our Relationship With Tech

We as a whole know the alarm stories. Developing quantities of individuals are getting dependent on the web and continually checking their advanced devices.

The Dangers of Social Media

For some, technology is integral to their daily lives, but for others, the obsession with gadgets and social media can be detrimental to their mental health and well-being. Depression, anxiety and loneliness are major mental health issues, which are only likely to get worse. However, there is a lot of hope. Smartphone Apps To Help Adults Cope With Stress Some smartphone apps have been designed to help with social anxiety, stress and even help deal with grief. In other cases, mindfulness apps have been developed that provide therapeutic techniques to help people deal with the digital overload.

Does social media make us unhappy?

It depends on whether the platforms are used in a positive or negative way. Recently there have been calls for Facebook and other social media to do more to tackle trolling and abuse. Professor Francesca Gino, an expert in technology addiction, recently described how Facebook’s algorithms were creating what she called “an addictive feedback loop” of dopamine hits and the increasingly-powerful urge to post more “likes” to ensure the likes keep coming. Others have argued that social media is creating an almost unbearable pressure to respond to comments and post constantly in order to keep the “vibe” going. Is this really just an issue of naivety? Do we just need to get over ourselves and learn to deal with the new social media landscape? What’s the Big Deal?

Social media and mental health

Millennials (between the ages of 20 and 30) are leading the way. The Telegraph recently reported that 23 per cent of young people feel dependent on their smartphones, while 22 per cent consider themselves addicted to technology. Some of these people are even reaching the point of illness and even self-harm as a result. Can technology be blamed for this? Perhaps. And should companies be more proactive? Absolutely. But the key thing is to not place blame on one social media platform or tech gadget or even take up measures that will result in consumers becoming addicted to technology. The reality is that the solution can’t be found on the internet. It must come from within ourselves and the companies that we buy from.

Social media and children

In fact, young people are the most likely to have experienced internet or technology addiction. The World Health Organisation estimates that between 6.4% and 15% of internet users have some form of addiction. The same study found that 42% of young people are now getting their news online and are increasingly in tune with the political and social issues of the day. But with so many people addicted to their smartphones, social media sites, emails and online shopping, is it time for a rethink? Cult of screens There is a lot of research now suggesting that in some cases tech addiction is a real thing. One 2015 study published in the journal Science by Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Marc D.

The Dangers Of Technology

The truth is, we are increasingly addicted to our phones and other devices. We check them for updates all the time. Even when we are walking around outside with people who are not using smartphones. This means that we are missing out on real social contact and there are major health issues at stake. I remember when my son had to go to the toilet on a long walk, he was unable to wait until we got to the house. Instead, he peed in his knickers because he didn’t feel he could wait. This sort of behaviour is not healthy and it is no wonder that people have a higher heart rate.

The Benefits Of Technology

There are several reasons why people are using technology in such a way: We all know that we use technology to be more efficient, but perhaps more importantly, we use technology to connect. We all need connection to people, places, and things, and technology has made it very easy to accomplish this. Constant connectivity lets us know when family members are home, when friends have been in touch and so on. It means we can arrange a much greater degree of accessibility than we had previously, without giving up contact with our loved ones or taking more time away from them. It allows us to respond to requests, tasks and questions with ease. When we use technology, we get instant results, and the results are felt and not merely perceived.

How To Change Your Relationship With Technology

How We Are Ruining Our Brains In addition to this, research into the effect technology has on our brains, can now show that it can permanently damage the way our brains work. Technology Addiction Is Real And Affects All Of Us Yes, we’ve all come across this in the news, but how does it affect you? I’ve been lucky enough to work with some brilliant professionals who have the ability to tap into their subjects brains and get them to relate their everyday lives to things that the brain has known. In addition to this, they’re able to do something that most people don’t even know is possible, where they can read your brain as a person talks to you.


Human brains are changing. As these brain changes increase, the value and effectiveness of what technology delivers will decline. The next wave of technology will have an even bigger impact on the shape of society and will also change the way humans interact. The role and value of technology will be even less aligned with human well-being. This future will be a poor one and it is almost certainly coming. How are we reacting? Increasingly, we are looking for scapegoats to blame technology for the things it has done and the things it is doing. Meanwhile, in an attempt to preserve the value of the things we have already created, we are locking the door on new, even better technologies.

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