How to change name in PUBG

How to change name in pubg?

How to change the name in PUBG you can do it easily. You can do in many ways to be able to change or change your PUBG nickname.

For those of you who are getting bored with the PUBG name or nickname, you can change it on the condition that you have a rename card.

At first, PUBG did not have a rename facility, but over time with requests from users, PUBG finally held the rename feature.

The PUBG party has made an update by adding a way to change the name. This is similar to the Free Fire game which is equivalent to PUBG and is quite popular. With the rename card, you can easily change your nickname in the PUBG game.

Explanation and How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile

As you know, PUBG stands for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG is a very favorite game among fans in the world, including Indonesia.

On December 18 2018, PUBG game users have reached 200 million people. Of course a very fantastic number.

Considering this game is a very challenging game and the game has been developed separately from computer games.

Well, with so many players it is influenced in several ways. Apart from gameplay, there is also the influence of flexibility in character customization.

By changing the name in PUBG, users can change their appearance and nickname at will in the PUBG game. In this game every day pitting 100 people in one match.

How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile Easily

Before you make a nickname change, you must first ensure that your cellular data connection remains stable so that you can change your name smoothly.

You must have downloaded the pubg mobile game and installed it on your smartphone. Then you must also have a minimum of 200 UC.

Because players have to spend money to buy it, which is a minimum of 180 Unknown Cash (UC) top up UC PUBG mobile. With the exception of the UC that you have can already be exchanged for Battle Coin (BC). Now, let’s see how to change the name in PUBG below.

  • Open PUBG Mobile
  • You can open the PUBG game and run it. Log in with your PUBG game account.
  • Choose the Shop Menu
  • Then you can directly open and enter the Shop menu or an existing store. There are many items that you can buy according to your wishes.
  • Choose the Treasure Menu
  • After that, you search and click the Treasure menu.
  • Looking for Rename Card

How to change the name in PUBG, continue the process by looking for the rename card item. If not, then select the Change Nickname item.

Open Inventory

After meeting Change Name, you can open the Inventory menu on the story lobby page.

Choose the Treasure Box

The next stage, you enter the bottom of the treasure box. PUBG game players will find Rename Card items. Click the menu, then select the Use button that appears on your smartphone.

Changing a New Nickname

You can already change the name by entering a good name for PUBG into the Change Nickname pop up. Try not to enter the same name as other users.

By changing the name in PUBG, you can input the name you like with a different and distinctive name. When finished, then click OK.

Wait Until It Works

If you encounter a warning to change the name, then you should confirm it by clicking OK. Now you have finished the renaming stage.

If you encounter problems inputting the name, the reason could be because the name has been used by someone else. So you have to set up another name until the input process is complete.

You can repeat the steps until successful. Then you can play as much as you want with your new name.

Well, it’s quite easy isn’t it how to change the name in PUBG? You can apply this method before renaming your PUBG to be precise and correct. For those of you who have played PUBG for a long time, of course you can focus again on raising your level in the PUBG game.

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