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Most Common Allergic Asthma and Home Remedies

Most Common Allergic Asthma and Home Remedies

Friends, in today’s time air pollution has increased a lot, and along with it the disease named Asthma has also increased. Asthma is a complex breathing disease, after which it becomes difficult for a person to breathe. Asthma has now come in many forms, such as Perineal Asthma, Seasonal Asthma, Allergic Asthma,

Occupational asthma, not knowing that it has now come in the form of asthma, which is harmful to us. The most common of these is asthma, which is allergic asthma, which is caused due to exposure to something. Let us first know how and what is allergic asthma –

Allergic Asthma –

Friends, many times with you or with someone else, you must have noted one thing, that due to the change of weather, shortness of breath starts, cough is very heavy, feels like tightness in the chest, feels like a stuffy chest, throat I must feel like something is stuck, my heart starts beating fast, there is a lot of difficulty in breathing while coughing, suddenly I feel tired, whenever this happens to you, you must see a doctor because it is allergic. It can be a sign of asthma.

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Causes of Allergic Asthma –

By the way, allergic asthma is genetic. Because this allergic asthma occurs in childhood, it is not understood because after the change of weather, after the children get sick, everyone thinks that it is the effect of the weather. Still, in reality, there is a chance of allergic asthma. You may also have allergic asthma due to a reaction to any medicine you have taken. When a person uses perfume excessively, it is also a cause of allergic asthma, due to which there are many types of chemicals in perfume, which some people do not suit.

Symptoms of Allergic Asthma Symptoms of Allergic Asthma are as follows:-

  • As the weather changes, no matter how good the weather is, you will get cold.
  • As soon as you touch any extraordinary things, you will get cold.
  • You will start coughing heavily when you are near any particular object.
  • Your breath will start blowing when you go near any particular things.
  • If you come in contact with dust or soil, you will start having cold, difficulty in breathing
  • Whenever you inhale and exhale, a whistling sound will come out of your voice.

If you are near any particular food items, your nose will get blocked; you will also find it difficult to breathe.

Friends, if you are a patient of allergic asthma, you should stay away from the things you are allergic to and always keep yourself and your house clean because sometimes a little bit of anything left in the place should be kept clean from it.

If you are a patient with allergic asthma, you should not eat fish, milk, eggs, almonds, etc. You must consume spinach and carrots in your food because it gives you a considerable amount of minerals and vitamins, which helps a lot in preventing asthma; along with this, you should use torches like garlic, turmeric, black pepper in your food. Because it helps you fight against diseases like asthma.

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Ajwain in Asthma –

Friends, using Ajwain in asthma is beneficial because it tries to eliminate asthma from the root. Heat the water by pouring it into a vessel, then take its steam; it will give you great relief from asthma because its steam opens the closed doors of your breath.

Consuming ajwain gives you relief from stomach aches.

If you dissolve celery in water and consume it daily, you can control your weight and reduce your weight.

Turmeric Milk –

Friends, turmeric milk is also very beneficial in asthma because drinking turmeric milk clears your throat, making it easier for you to breathe.

Consuming turmeric milk also clears the phlegm accumulated in your papers and relieves the trouble you are facing in breathing.

Consuming turmeric milk brings life to your bones and makes your bones strong.

Basil –

Friends, Basil is beneficial to you in everything. Grind dry ginger, rock salt, cumin, roasted asafetida, and basil leaves, boil them in a glass of water and drink it; the problem of asthma goes away.

Friends, by consuming Basil, you get help fighting other diseases.

Consuming Basil also helps you in fighting heart diseases.

Consuming Basil also strengthens your digestive power,

And your skin is also beautiful, and you also get relief from skin diseases.

Vitamin C –

If you consume Vitamin C in food, you are said to be very beneficial in asthma. If you consume Cauliflower and Cabbage in food, you get many benefits. Vitamin C is found in Lemon, Jamun, Strawberry, and Papaya in the same summer. If you consume Vitamin C, then you will get relief from Asthma.

Onion Beneficial in Asthma Disease – Consuming Onion in asthma gives you a lot of relief because the sulfur present in onion ends the burning sensation in the lungs, so one must consume onion but keep in mind that raw onion should be used. Only then will you get the benefit of onion.

So, friends, these were the most common allergic asthma

You can improve your health by the ways we have told you about and Ayurvedic methods.

With suitable methods, you can make your health very good and avoid allergic asthma. Instead, we will also help you fight other diseases; if you like our post, then definitely want it and thank you very much for coming to the bar, and thank you very much for reading our post; we will meet again in the next post.

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