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5 Ways to Make Working Out a Habit – FitNtip

Habits don’t happen overnight. While that means it will take time and effort to form good habits like working out, it also means that bad or compulsive habits aren’t set in stone.

Made a mistake or lost confidence? You can learn from it. Got sick or stuck in a rut? You can heal and grow.  When trying to create your workout routine, take heart in the journey. Read on for our tips on how to make healthy-boosting fitness a part of your life. 


You may have visions of daily workouts, perfectly toned abs, and defined muscles, but you can’t make a habit out of nothing. You should start with realistic expectations and actionable goals. By starting small, you can build your routine in increments and feel pride in your improving strength and endurance. 

While big goals sound great, they’re not realistic. Small steps help you build momentum and excitement for what lies ahead. If you need to, focus on 5- to 10-minute routines so you don’t burn out or hit a wall of resistance.


Set out prompts for yourself so you don’t need to think about when to fit fitness into your day. You could add exercising to your email calendar, use an app to send a chime reminder, put your workout clothes on a bench in a visible spot, or take your dog for a walk and then immediately head to your home gym. Anything that automates an activity reduces indecision.


We want to stress the importance of fun in fitness. Working out shouldn’t be one of those things you dread. And it shouldn’t cause genuine pain either. When you tie fitness to movements you enjoy, you’re much more likely to look forward to it. And once you’re in the groove, you’ll love the exercise health benefits too. 

If you like short bursts of activity, try a rowing machine or kickboxing. If you like to zone out on one action while daydreaming, try a treadmill.


You’ve found movements you enjoy, but that doesn’t mean you will form a habit. In the early stages, reward yourself with a special treat once you finish working out. Perhaps it’s a chapter of a new novel, an episode of your favorite show, or a new podcast you downloaded. Maybe it’s a glass of wine or a cup of coffee from those beans you ordered from your favorite shop. If you know a reward is coming, you can push yourself to keep going.  


Repeat after us: perfection doesn’t exist. Trying to achieve the unachievable is the easiest way to get into your own head and convince yourself you’re no good. 

What works for you in terms of fitness is all that matters. Then, adjust as needed if you have days where you’re feeling uninspired. If you feel tired, try to work out for just a few minutes. You’d be surprised how much better you feel when the endorphins start pumping

Are you ready to take the next step but don’t know where to begin? Reach out to us at G&G Fitness Equipment for expert advice on the home gym equipment that’ll help you get fit and form a lifelong habit.

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