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Essential protection gear for the gym.

September 11, 2017

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There’s nothing worse than suffering as a result of your workout. It might render you physically incapable to do anything or it might be cosmetic and affect your confidence. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want these to affect your workout goals and ambitions. Protective gear is essential. Your body can only take so much weight and intensity when doing exercises. You don’t want to continually make progress only to have your body be affected. Little Bloke Fitness offers protective gear for gym-goers. Here are a few items that should be used when working out.

Weight training gloves.

When you’re training with resistance weights, it’s common for the bars or dumbbells to rub against your skin. This can turn the skin hard and also cause peeling on your hands. It can be a bit difficult to get rid of, but it is also noticeable whenever someone clasps your hand. For men, it might not be so much of an issue. But for women, it may affect their confidence knowing that their hands won’t feel soft and feminine. Investing in protective gym gloves helps to prevent this. Thegloves are available from $19.95, which is actually worth the investment. Should the hard skin need to be removed, you will need to see a manicurist which will set you back at least $30.

Weightlifting belt.

It’s important to develop your core to handle the weight when you are completing exercises with heavy weights. This is particularly true when you start doing leg or full body movements such as squats, deadlifts or sumo lifts. Theweightlifting belt will provide additional support for your lower back. The prices for the belts start from $49.95. Compare this to receiving an injury and needing to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist, where you will pay upwards of $100 for an initial consultation and $80 or more for ongoing consultations.

Wrist straps.

Another common issue with weightlifting is the effect that it has on the body’s joints. Heavy weights and lifting with the incorrect form lead to injuries. One of the ways to avoid this is by investing in wrist straps that help to protect the movement of the joint when conducting the exercise. Wrist straps are available from our online store from $16.50. The biggest risk with gaining a wrist injury is that it can put you out of action for several weeks or months. Worst case scenario, you won’t be able to lift the weights in the same way ever again. Protect yourself at all costs. Technique is important, but ensure that you invest in the right protective gear to avoid the risk of injury.

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