Google reveals long-awaited Pixel Watch with Fitbit health tracking


Google has finally unveiled its long-awaited Pixel Watch, a wearable that includes Fitbit’s health-tracking features.

Though the tech giant has provided the operating system for other wearable devices and completed the acquisition of Fitbit early last year, this is Google’s first smartwatch under its own name. 

The Pixel Watch, which will start at $349.99, includes continuous heart rate tracking, as well an ECG app that allows users to check for atrial fibrillation  an irregular heart rhythm. They can also use the watch to monitor sleep and how much time people spend in light, deep and REM sleep.

“Pixel Watch uses a combination of on-device machine learning and deep optimization down to the processor level to give you an accurate measurement of your heart rate continuously at once per second, whether you’re working out or resting and all the times in between,” Fitbit cofounder James Park said during the Made by Google event. 

According to the company, the Pixel Watch will use that heart rate data to provide a daily readiness score, telling users whether they should work out or rest that day. It will also track Active Zone Minutes  the time users spend in target heart rate zones while working out.

Park said the wearable will offer an Emergency SOS tool that can reach emergency services or contacts. The watch will also add a fall-detection feature this winter.


Google first teased the Pixel Watch in May after months of rumors and speculation. However, the company has had a larger stake in the health tracking wearables space since its deal with Fitbit that closed in 2021 after being held up by regulatory probes. 

Google Cloud and Fitbit Health Solutions recently announced a new service to help healthcare and life science organizations utilize data from wearables. Fitbit recently announced three updated wearables and received FDA clearance for its AFib-detection algorithm earlier this year.

The wearables space is increasingly competitive. Apple revealed the Apple Watch Series 8 last month, which adds temperature-sensing capabilities for tracking ovulation and includes car-crash detection. The company also launched a new version of the lower-priced Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Ultra, geared toward endurance athletes and outdoor explorers.

Another tech competitor, Amazon, launched the Halo View about a year ago. Others in the space include Samsung and Garmin.

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