Lifestyle Tips That Working Moms Can Follow

Lifestyle Tips That Working Moms Can Follow

Many organizations shifted to a work-from-home model for the safety of their employees when the pandemic struck, followed by the ensuing lockdowns in early 2020. This transition was first enticing due to the sheer novelty of it all. However, in the months that followed, the work-from-home culture managed to disturb the very foundations of many people’s ability to balance job, family, and personal life. Gone are the days when work had fun elements to it.

When we could have corporate luncheons at five-star hotels and hang out with office friends in escape rooms Bangalore for team building sessions, now sleep-deprived and stressed employees find that their personal life has also gone for a toss. Whether it’s meals with the family or personal downtime, work emails or client calls need to be acknowledged instantaneously without any wriggle room.

Working mothers have it particularly difficult. They must balance household obligations as well as their work while also tending to their family members. But it does not have to be this challenging.  If you learn to establish a balance that works for your life, you may have a rewarding full-time career while also being an active mother. Take a look at these tips to assist you in balancing the two parts of your life.

Lifestyle Tips That Working Moms Can Follow

1. Make Sure You Get Enough Rest.

Prioritize your sleeping needs, if nothing else. When you’re not well-rested, you will drag all day and squander time. Sleep should be scheduled like any other activity, and you should go to bed at a reasonable hour so that you can operate the next day.  It is advisable to regulate your children’s bedtimes as well. Not only will this enforce healthy sleep habits, but it will also help you mentally shut down and relax when you go to sleep.

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2. Talk to Your Manager.

Being a working mom does not mean you will be any less of a valuable worker. However, changes will undoubtedly occur at work. Working mothers frequently require greater flexibility in their schedules because they are the primary caregiver when their children are sick or have appointments, and they have several other child-rearing responsibilities to tend to as well. Therefore, it is important that you maintain an open dialogue with your manager.

Make sure you convey your needs to your management and also let them know how you plan to continue doing a good job. Don’t let your domestic duties keep you from availing yourself of incredible opportunities at work. Working parents are some of the most dedicated employees due to their exceptional multitasking abilities! So don’t let yourselves be overwhelmed by the tough road ahead.

3. Establish Reasonable Work Hours.

Make sure you and your hiring manager have similar expectations for your work hours before you commit to a new position. Obligations towards your home and employment initiatives will come and go, so check in on a regular basis to ensure that expectations haven’t shifted. You’ll be able to determine whether or not you’re available if your boss phones or emails after hours. Many working mothers devote their evenings and weekends to their families.

4. Find Childcare Providers You Can Rely on.

It is critical to have peace of mind while at work, and that can’t happen until you know that your child is being looked for. Find a dependable day-care or nanny you trust to look after your child if you feel a need for it. Flexible hours, a clean and roomy facility, a low teacher-to-child ratio, and current licenses are things that you can look for in a day-care , all hallmarks of a high-quality day-care.

Look for caregivers that have ample experience and good recommendations. Have at least one trial day to see if it’s a good fit, and be upfront about your expectations right away. If feasible, stay in touch throughout the day and ask for updates. This will help you be more at ease at work

5. Make Time for Your Partner and Family.

A happy marriage is the foundation of a happy home. Prioritize your marriage or relationship since it will have a huge impact on everything else. Plan something different from your usual suppers, such as family game night or a dinner date night. Have an open and honest talk along with your partner about things that aren’t related to your job or children, and truly listen to what they have to say.

Create memorable family activities for everyone to look forward and enjoy. This will make the time you spend with your family really worthwhile. Organize weekly family activities and outings such as backyard picnics or a game of mini-golf.

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6. Take Time for Yourself.

In the stressful atmosphere of work and home life, finding time for yourself is critical to sustaining inner peace and balance. Moms have a nasty habit of putting their own needs last so that everyone else can be taken care of. Understand that you can’t expect to take care of anyone else well if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Find a time and an activity that will help you to relax and refresh on a regular basis. Meditation, exercise, yoga, reading, writing, catching up with a friend, or treating oneself are just a few suggestions. Writing in a journal will also be a fun way to destress.


It can be overwhelming to work towards both a successful career and a fulfilling family life, but it is certainly possible. It may not look the same as how you pictured it, but don’t let that pull you down. Determine how much you can fit in your schedule and which activities you and your family will enjoy the most.

As a working mother, saying no to things, even if it makes you feel bad momentarily, is a necessary art you should learn.  Overbooking robs the experience of its enjoyment and provides little time for much-needed relaxation. Recognize and appreciate all of the beautiful things you already have, and take each day as it comes.

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